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WWS 2021: Q+A with Geli

We are very excited for our 2021 Women Who Ski Trip and wanted to introduce you to the incredible Geli Häusl who will be our "Ski Host" for our all women ski trip next season.

Thank you for joining us Geli. So first question, how do you feel about being Kaluma’s next “Ski Host” for our Women Who Ski trip next January?

I’m so excited to be part of this great event. I can’t wait to meet all the ladies on the Women Who Ski trip and share the treasures of the Arlberg with them, on the piste and off the piste.

What should the ladies on our WWS trip be looking forward to and what can they expect?

I think we have something to offer to everybody. The Arlberg is one of the best ski resorts in the world (for me the best) so I’m sure we’ll find many things to do.
I hope I can give you some great tips to improve your skiing technique on and off piste. So maybe be a bit adventurous and try out the amazing off piste skiing the Arlberg has to offer. We have great safe off piste terrain for ladies who want to try it out, but also for all the experienced   ladies. Also on piste there is something for everybody.

Q + A with our women who ski trip ski host Geli

What made you start a career in skiing?

I was actually very late to start skiing. I was probably 6 years old when I put on my brothers skis the first time (which were far to long for me)…6 years is very late for an Austrian! My parents both don’t ski, so I only went skiing a few times a winter until I was 20. But then I got the bug and I started to ski a lot and I also started to ski a lot of off piste with my mainly Swedish friends. And then I heard about those Freeride competitions and I wanted to try them out. It was so much fun. There were just a few competitions around Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany,…)., so I decided to also go to New Zealand for a season. I had such a great time.
While doing all these comps I started with my ski instructor and then guiding exams and so I became a full certified ski instructor and ski guide. And now I have my own one person ski school and I enjoy every day of my work.
My skiing also led me to some really great countries, like Alaska, Iran, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, where I had the pleasure to be part of some ski movies and ski expeditions mainly with my husband Stefan.

Can you tell us a little bit about your husband too?

My husband Stefan was skiing in the Freeride World Tour for 9 years and he was even winning comps there…so I think he was doing really well. He also was an examiner for the Staatliche Ski Instructors in Austria, he is Powder 8 world champion and he also is featured in quite a few ski movies. Now he is coaching the junior Freeride Team of the Ski club Arlberg. Not such a bad skier at all.

Geli our ski host for the women who ski trip out skiing in the Arlberg

Why do you love organising women’s ski camps particularly?

It’s such a great atmosphere with all just females in the group. Beside all the fun we normally have, there is no competition who is better between the ladies in the camps. Every lady is normally happy for the other one if they achieve new things. They also really like to learn.

What do you do off-season?

Normally I ski from December until May, than in the off season I do a lot of mountain biking, a bit of traveling and climbing or hiking,. In summer I work as a hiking guide and I do a lot of hut to hut tours. Also some all female hut tours. In autumn I train for the winter in the Gym but I’m also already skiing on the beautiful Austrian glaciers. Lucky I live in the mountains.

And finally what is your best ski experience you have ever had?

I have had so many, it’s hard to choose! Heliskiing in Alaska, skiing in an undiscovered area in South America and the exotic skiing in Iran are for sure experiences to remember.
But honestly I think all my best ski experiences I had around home. The Arlberg has so much to offer.
One special day I’ll never forget though, my husband and I went up Valluga and skied all the different lines on the south and east side on New Years Day. Nobody was there except us and powder up to our waist….line after line…can’t get any better.

Women lined up on the Women Who Ski trip ready to ski off

For further information on our Annual Women Who Ski Trip you can view the page here.

If you have any further questions or would like to book on the trip please email

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